Packing for a move can seem like the most overwhelming part, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to make packing and moving much more manageable.

Time Your Packing

Life doesn’t stop because you need to pack. You still need to work, feed the family, perhaps walk the dog, and keep the house from falling into complete disarray. Set goals, and stick to them. Your moving consultant can help you determine how many boxes you need to pack. Here’s something you can use to figure it out yourself:

  • Small Box = One book shelf
  • Medium Box = One linen closet shelf, one small kitchen cabinet, or one drawer of clothing
  • Large Box = Bulky items, about two shelves worth. You can also use them for lampshades
  • Dish Box = About eight full place settings, or six place settings of fine china.
  • Wardrobe Box = About two linear feet of closet space

Now that you have an idea of how many boxes you need, create a schedule. Do you need to pack two boxes a night? Five? Don’t go higher than five, unless you have a death wish. It’s best too, to divide up the type of packing you’re doing. Dishes and breakables take the longest to pack, so only pack one a night. Books and clothing are pretty easy to pack, so they won’t take as much time.

Label, Label, Label, and Inventory

Label the room, and label what’s inside the box. Keep an inventory sheet. If there’s something critical in the box, write that down. That way, you’ll always know where you put your daughter’s favorite Teddy Bear, and your favorite bottle of wine.

Don’t Skimp on Boxes, But Here’s Where You Can Skimp

You want good, clean boxes. It’s best to use new, unless you can find some used boxes that are have no damage. You can save on packing paper and bubble wrap, though, by using towels and tee shirts as cushioning.

Move Some Items Yourself

Move your own lamps, pictures and mirrors, and electronic, to save a few bucks on the move, and save some packing materials.

Pack an Overnight Bag for Everything You’ll Need on Moving Night

You’ll thank yourself if your pajamas, toothbrush, and tomorrow’s clothing are easily accessible. Don’t forget to pack the children’s must have sleep toys.

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