Free Storage!

Free Storage!

The first month is absolutely FREE!

Your first month in VIP’s secured climate controlled facility requires no administration fees, or locks, or any other fees. Storage will be charged by the vault (5x7x8) at $50.00 per vault per month after the first month.

Access to your storage vaults require an appointment with VIP at least 72 hours in advance.

20 Free Boxes!

We will provide every customer moving into storage 10 small boxes and 10 medium boxes absolutely free.

Whether you’re moving out of the country, and need to store some things in the interim, or you’ve run out of space, or you’re staging your home for sale, VIP Relocation has the storage solution for you.

  • Fast – If you need your things moved to storage, VIP Relocation will be there fast.
  • Professional – VIP Relocation staff and crews are always professional and courteous.
  • Efficient – Each of our moving crews works like a perfectly engineered assembly line. Every piece of furniture is securely wrapped. We carefully pack whatever needs packing, all with blazing speed. We even build custom crates for fine art and antiques.
  • Secure – VIP Relocation’s storage facility is completely secure. Only authorized personnel are allowed inside. If you need something, no problem. Let us know when you’re coming and our staff will be happy to help.
  • Clean – VIP Relocation’s staff works tirelessly to ensure the storage warehouse is spotless. We keep vermin out. Even dust has a hard time getting past our secure protection.
  • Weatherproof – VIP’s storage containers are kept inside, away from outdoor weather conditions. You won’t have to worry about rain, or sun, or even freak snow storms.
  • Competitively Priced – With VIP’s warehouse storage, you never pay for more space than what you use.
  • Flexible Pricing – Like with our moves, we offer services to fit all budgets and requirements. We can pack everything for you, and you can spend the rest of the day at the beach, or you can pack to save some money. You can even choose something in between. 

VIP Storage services the entire Los Angeles Area, from San Diego to Santa Barbara, from Anaheim to Malibu, we know Greater Los Angeles better than most people know their hometowns.

Call us, and we’ll give you a free quote on moving and storage.