Commercial Moves

Commercial Moves

At VIP Relocation, we know that the most important part of commercial moving is minimizing the downtime. A long, disorganized move can devastate a business on already tight margins. When calls and emails go unanswered, even cash flush businesses risk losing customers. VIP Relocation takes your office move very seriously.

Designated Project Manager

A successful commercial move starts long before the move. Each commercial customer receives their own designated project manager, who has years of experience moving businesses. They will work with you to coordinate every aspect of the move, and to ensure that the size, scope, and every element of the move is covered.

Your project manager will map out every detail of the job, both in your old office and new. They will note every desk, every cubicle, every file cabinet, every chair, and every electronic. They will work with your own project manager and your building manager, to ensure everything is done within proper parameters. They will also provide you with all the materials you need to organize your move.

Designated Moving Team

A commercial move has very little in common with a residential move. With commercial moves, timing is everything. Time is money in every sense of the word. Disassembling and reassembling cubicles is a specialty. Often, commercial moving means long nights.

At VIP Relocation, our commercial moving teams spend their first few years learning residential moving. Even after that, they go through rigorous training to help ensure your commercial move is seamless; that if you move on Friday, you’ll be up and running before Monday. If you need storage during the transition, or after the move, we can help you with that too.

When you hire VIP Relocation, you can be confident you made the right choice.

  • Specially Trained for Commercial Moves
  • Organized
  • On Time
  • Diligent
  • Flexible